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All Hands In

Film Literacy 
# Acceptance of diversity


Recommended ages: 0-6+

Film : “Zebra”

Script, design, animation : Julia Ocker

Ages : 0-6 years, 6-11 years

Advantages: Short film (less than 3 minutes) Fun, Musical and wordless. Graphics: humor is based on design

Issues: Love your body. Acceptance of disputes. Self-esteem. Integration in the group. 


- Who's the hero of this story?

- What's wrong with him?" [As he walks, he falls on a tree]

- What's the problem? [Loses his stripes: he no longer recognizes himself as he was]

- Why is that a problem for the zebra? [Wants to recover what it was before the shock]

"What's he doing then?" [Hits the tree again to retrieve its stripes]

- How do you think the zebra feels?

[ Surprised by jher changes

Frustrated at not succeeding

He was worried he couldn't find his stripes.

Afraid of his original appearance]

- When the zebra meets the other zebras, what's it afraid of?  [Rejection, derision]

- How do the other zebras find him [pleasant, beautiful, impressive, original]

- How do zebras show it  they accept him? [Applause with their ears, approaching him]

- And in the end, how does our hero feel? Is he ashamed or worried about his difference? [No, he's proud of himself and full of joy]

- And you, there are times when you feel a little like this zebra: different?

- How do you sometimes feel a little different?

- Are there times when you're mad at yourself, like that zebra?

- Tell me about a time when you were afraid the team wouldn't accept you?

- Tell me about a time when you felt proud of yourself.

- Who once took the step of accepting you, loving you as you are?"

- Have you ever accepted someone different near you?

- How did you reassure him, integrate him?

Interactive activities

-Provide children with the shape of a zebra, without stripes

-From multiple graphic prints (black and white), you offer children to fill their zebra dress... a personalized dress. Neither will be the same.

- Propose to the children to name their zebra.

- Introduce the herd of zebras on  the wall. It's ALL DIFFERENT...


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